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Our Climate Smart Agriculture helps you to mitigate your harsh environmental conditions for successful production.

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Creating Greenhouse and Open field environments for All-Year farming.

Looking for a trustworthy partner to work with you to accomplish your controlled environment agriculture goals? We provide top-notch knowledge in tried-and-tested greenhouse structures and technology.

We are dedicated to serving as your one-stop shop for all your greenhouse needs because we believe in your potential. Our Climate-Smart solutions are made to support you every step of the way, whether you’re growing fruits, veggies, or flowers. Why then wait? Together, let’s improve your greenhouse to its highest potential!

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From setting up your infrastructure to optimizing your irrigation system – our greenhouse experts help you through the process

Our greenhouse specialists can assist you in designing whole greenhouse ecosystems that meet your particular demands

Learn how to develop full growing ecosystem for your home, backyard, commercial, business, and community

Climate Smart Agric looking after the environment.

Your business success is made possible by our experts in greenhouse engineering, installation, optimisation, maintenance, and landscaping. Let our greenhouse professionals assist you in utilising your distinct method of operation, from infrastructure setup to irrigation system optimisation.

Range of Installation Options for Your Climate Smart Farming

The process may differ depending on where your structure is located, the type of plants you grow, etc. Each project is different and requires a unique approach.

We build all types of Greenhouses

JoBenBless is the leading supplier of fully functional commercial greenhouses, cultivation structures, and growing systems.

Net-houses for rearing & planting

Net houses take advantage of the natural environment while maintaining degree of control over the growing environment.

Water-based nutrient crop farming

Exert fine control over environmental elements like pH balance, water exposure, and availability of particular fertilisers

Plant and fish soil-less farming

Enabling you to grow food all year round. Controlling the temperature according to the crops you are cultivating.

Full spectrum snail rearing systems

Step-by-step through important choices to make about the market, product, hardware, farm layout, automation, and more.

Custom structures for drying food

Systems that provide reliable outcomes from run to run at the control of our customers selecting their required parameters.

We have worked for several Organizations & Individuals

Having worked for several Ghanaians and multinational companies, JOBENBLESS assists clients with agricultural planning, structural construction, crop planting, irrigation, pest control, and full agricultural lifecycle management.

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"Year-Round Abundance: Greenhouse Farming for High Yielding Crops!"

Our large-scale commercial greenhouse solutions provide engineering, high-quality buildings and equipment systems, and designs that provide you with the greatest possible experience.


We offer help with Greenhouse technology and farming.

Utilise our extensive market knowledge and portfolio in the industry of our team. If you can imagine it, our specialists can assist in designing whole greenhouse ecosystems that meet your particular needs.

We install multi-purpose greenhouses, net-houses, & irrigation systems.

Our skilled team has restored numerous greenhouse structures to life.

We offer affordable products and services that help you save money.

Our agronomists will help you from your farm/garden set-up to harvest.

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